The Dracula Dossier

Noemi Drinks Absinthe

What The Green Fairy Thinks

Noemi alternates on the Dossier; half the time she thinks it a government boondoggle that someone would seriously investigate what is so obviously a work of fiction. The key factor to her when she expresses this opinion is not the story, but the annotations – someone believed they had come across a Dracula in a more modern timeframe, and the parallels to the monster that killed her mother and which was in the well at Dragovir are very suggestive. She certainly doesn’t think the actual Dracula story really happened, “Ugh, Stoker even put an American Texan in it! How much more of a metaphor do you want it to be?” However, it doesn’t seem likely that she’s going to go in and crack MI-5 and MI-6 wide open to find out the truth, so suggests the team “nibble around the edges” of this one to determine if any remnant of this EDOM or other operations remain somewhere.

The other half the time she still thinks the Dracula story is fiction, but suspects Stoker or more likely, someone in the “chain of custody” between Stoker and his publishing house, might have been using this edition to communicate in a coded way with some far-flung assets. Of course there was no Harker, no Seward, no actual Dracula, etc. These are stand-ins for either groups or specific people active in that time frame that took actions similar to their counterparts in the story. She likes this one quite a bit because it both accounts for and explains the literary merit of the work; it feels like fiction because it is fiction, it incorporates allegorical elements because it’s an allegory, though not so symbolic or psychosexual as most think; more a direct one-for-one allegory. In this case, she suggests starting with the “handed down”, but confirmed real references of the annotated book, like the guy who listed all the businesses suspected to be in Dracula’s control and noted they all “still existed” in whatever the present-day of the annotator was.

Noemi hasn’t been having an easy time since the monastery. She freely admits that, although she has, in the past, left people to most-likely-die, she never executed someone face-to-face. She’s a forger/smuggler, not an assassin. She went from 0 to a mass murderer in one well-armed standoff. She can’t sleep, when she does sleep she has nightmares, she jumps at loud noises and is drinking too much. Textbook PTSD symptom clusters.


The Green Fairy, wearing the tri-corner hat and Louis XVI outfit, leers at Noemi as she tries to relax and stare at the ceiling, coming down from too many of the chemicals that she’s been told, time and again, to stay away from.

In its gravely, deep voice, it addresses her after seemingly undressing her with its eyes.

“Yer gonna have to suck this one up, chicky-boom! Lots to see in this world and if you want to be ready to deal with it you gotta axe-sept it first…that’s the truth, dammit!”

Floating above her in a olive haze, the little man continues.

“You havin’ queer dreams again? Maybe a lil’too much paprika or someone else in the mix?”

He gloats at her discomfort and then slowly fades back into her subconsciousness before she passes out.

Noemi Drinks Absinthe

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