The Dracula Dossier

The Dossier

How you got your hands on it

‘Hopkins,’ the shadowy contact who’d been feeding intel and work to the group through Doyle for the last few months, contacted him for what he said would be his last time. A book could be found in the reference section of Harrington’s East Side Books, a hole-in-the-wall used bookseller in York. The specific volume would be covered in plain brown paper, much like the sort used in old grocery bags, and would have a sticker on the spine identifying it as “Belgian Quilting of the 19th Century.” It would be on the highest shelf and behind a book about Nigerian geography, double-stacked. The book was to be taken, not purchased, and it would only be found on the afternoon of next Tuesday.
When recovered, easily filched by the expert hands of Noemi while Doyle talked endlessly about futbol with the proprietor – who actually seemed bored by the subject – what the team had was a first edition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, seemingly like the one that Doyle had purchased from the outside, but once examined in private, substantial differences were evident. It was longer than the typical copy of the same age – this was confirmed not only from Doyle’s copy but from some online searches for information about the original yellow-cover printings. It was also marked throughout by what seemed to be three different people, using three different colors and types of ink, in different scripts and, given the look of the pages and ink, done separately over a long period of time.

You are in York, in northeastern England. It’s Tuesday night. What now?

I recommend that you read the book. Yeah…no kidding. Book club and all. I’ll re-read it, too, but it might even be useful for you folks to coordinate between you about what you’re reading and how much and whatnot. Feel free to write your own wiki pages or Adventure Log posts if that’d help, and I can help however you’d like.



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