Noemi Artaud

Bohemian smuggler/forger


Drive: Thrill-Seeker
Previous Patron: Corsican Mafia (to the extent that she had a patron, they vouched for her more often than anyone else)

Sources of Stability:

Solace: The banal normalcy of Euro-pop; the life all her rich-girl friends of her boring-to-her youth are totally fine with.
Safety: father, Honore Roux. A French Assemblyman and influential politician, he could (conceivably) protect her if absolutely necessary.

Academic Abilities: Accounting, Architecture, Art History, Criminology, Human Terrain (2), Languages 2 (French (free), English, Russian, Hungarian, __________________), Law, Research, History, Occult Studies

Interpersonal Abilities: Bullshit Detector, Bureaucracy, Cop Talk, Flattery (2), Flirting, Intimidation, Negotiation (2), Streetwise (2), High Society 1

Technical Abilities: Forgery (3), Outdoor Survival, Pharmacy (2), Urban Survival, Notice 1

General Abilities: Athletics 9, Cover 5, Disguise 15, Hand-to-Hand 10 (may spend 1 to know the Hand-to-Hand ability of another), Infiltration 10 (may automatically bypass normal, commercial locks and security), Network 10, Weapons 8 (may throw Weapons with no penalty at Near range), Shooting 2, Sense Trouble 2, Preparedness 3

Hit Threshold: 4

Network Contacts: Kesenya Y, Dubrovnik criminal (3)
Valerian Holub, Crimean Rich Kid Of Instagram (2)

Covers: “Prakolya” Verenich, loosely translated means “stiletto wound”. In the Russian mafia, she is known to be an assassin; where she fits in is not known, but her reputation is horrific based on rumors of an “impossible kill” she made (Noemi always makes sure to make the details come out slightly different every time.) (2)

Inspector Bernadette Chardonnet, Interpol Illicit Pharmaceutical Interdiction Task Force – Intelligence Unit. This task force actually exists, but nobody has ever heard of it doing anything and it’s really hard to disprove that someone is on it with the proper documentation. (If there’s one thing Noemi always has, it’s the right documentation.) (1)

Dorottya Horvath, high-rollng Hungarian gambler. Everyone is always happy to see someone roll up that has money to blow, so they don’t ask a lot of questions about Dorottya and always show her right to the VIP room. (2)

Trust: We never implemented this last time, are going to this time?


Noemi was the only child of Genevieve Artaud, heiress (“not any particular type of heiress, naturellement…there’s the vineyard, there’s a few oil fields, there’s a bank, a software company, a publishing house, and so on…”) and Honore Roux, a divorced, self-made French businessman and politician. They were a power couple who broke apart and came back together many times. Noemi was always closer to her mother growing up (hence her last name.)

The best schools and art history didn’t interest Noemi as much as parties and bad boys; when one of her boyfriends got in way over his head with a preppy ecstasy ring, she surprised him, herself, and more or less everyone at how she kept her shit together and got the two of them out clean with a pile of cash. Thus launched a criminal career that focuses primarily on forgery and deception to get what she wants. For the criminal world, having someone reliable to go to in order to produce a fake birth certificate, passport and other documentation is a dream, especially one that doesn’t put the screws to you for insane amounts of money. Supplement that with a few “Van Gogh sketches” and Noemi began to see how life was different for entrepreneurs like her father.

XP Spends: 18/18
Languages 1 → 2 (cost 1)
Intimidation 1 (cost 1)
Cover 10 – 8 (spends in chapter 1) + 3 = 5 (cost 3)
Shooting 2 (cost 2)
High Society 1 (cost 1)
Accounting 1 (cost 1)
Research 1 (cost 1)
Notice 1 (cost 1)
Sense Trouble 2 (cost 2)
History 1 (cost 1)
Occult Studies 1 (cost 1)
Preparedness 3 (cost 3)

Noemi Artaud

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