Richard Pearson

Bail Enforcement Agent / Bounty Hunter


Crooked agent-turned-bounty-hunter, Richard Pearson used his top secret clearance with the MI5 Organized Crime Unit to collect bounty/rewards for wanted persons and fugitives, for which he used an elaborate cover to collect. It started out as just criminals he’d go after, but eventually he started bringing in “persons of interest” for various gangs, crime syndicates, cartels, guilds, or whoever else was paying enough money. It became more about the thrill-seeking, and “collecting” than it was about the money – although the money was good, too. Eventually the line between bounty hunter and assassin became blurred after several years with the Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate and the Arif’s gang, and he got sloppy, forcing him to retreat into his cover identities permanently, and leave the agency behind.

Appearance: When openly using his primary cover (Richard Grayson) he wears a weathered top hat and victorian-style, long, leather jacket with a vest in a similar style. He also fashions a mutton-chops beard, usually a facial prosthetic, but sometimes his own. He’s 6’ tall, weighing in at about 210 lbs, with a skin tone that offers enough ambiguity to give him a substantial amount of flexibility in identifying himself from various countries of origin, but his family ancestry makes him primarily Persian and East Slavic.

Drive: Thrill-Seeker
Personal Arc: *

Previous Patron: MI5 Organized Crime Unit and The Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate

Sources of Stability:
Symbol: List of collected bounties
Solace: Amy Valdez, MI5 Agent, Organized Crime Unit. Closest thing to family / girlfriend.
Safety: Clerkenwell “The Adams Family” Crime Syndicate. London, England. The most powerful organized crime syndicate in the United Kingdom. Reports have linked the Adams family to over 25 known murders, none of which were ever tied to Richard, and credited them with wealth of over £200 million.

Languages: English, Farsi, Russian, German

Academic Abilities: Criminology, Human Terrain, Languages, Law, Military Science, Occult Studies, Research, Vampirology

Interpersonal Abilities: BS Detector, Bureaucracy, Cop Talk, Flattery, Flirting, Interrogation, Intimidation, Negotiation, Streetwise, Tradecraft

Technical Abilities: Data Recovery, Electronic Surveillance, Forensic Pathology, Forgery, Notice, Outdoor Survival, Photography, Traffic Analysis, Urban Survival

Hit Threshold: 4

Network Contacts: MI5, Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate, Arifs Gang, Irish Mob, Cartel, local gangs

Covers: Richard Pearson is most widely, and notoriously, known as his cover identity, Richard Grayson, as a bounty hunter / assassin among London organized crime groups, and as Richard Tracey to law enforcement, for the purpose of collecting those bounties.

“My clients pay me the kind of bounties they do because of one thing. I deliver. Once I’ve caught my prey, nothing stops me from bringing it in. Nothing. If I take on a job, I complete it. And everyone knows that.”


Richard Pearson

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