Ryan Hastings


Ryan is a fairly tall man of light build. Lean and quick, he uses speed and surprise to counterbalance his lack of mass. He has a mop of shaggy brown hair that he has given up trying to tame, and light blue eyes that see much but reveal little. He is good looking in an average sort of way, and has little pretensions otherwise. Usually his clothing is of a tactical or workmanlike nature: tough and rugged, capable of sustaining hard use at a moment’s notice.

Drive: Survive

Previous Patron: US Marshals (Special Operations Group)

Symbol: Picture of Alissa
Solace: French florist in Toulon
Safety: Small home outside of Toulon: a white beach, tall stand of cypress, and a grove of orange trees

Academic Abilities: Criminology 1, History 1, Human Terrain 2, Languages 1 (French, Russian), Law 1, Military Science 3, Occult Studies 1, Research 1, Vampirology 1

Interpersonal Abilities: Bullshit Detector 2, Cop Talk 2, Interrogation 2, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 2, Tradecraft 2

Technical Abilities: Notice 2, Outdoor Survival 2, Urban Survival 2

General Abilities: Athletics 8, Conceal 8, Driving 2, Explosive Devices 4, Hand-to-Hand 11, Infiltration 4, Medic 2, Preparedness 4 (3 military gear), Sense Trouble 8, Shooting 10, Surveillance 2, Weapons 11

Network Contacts: 15
Cover Identities: 10, Vladislav Ibenski 5
Familiar Cities: St Louis, Toulon

Hit Threshold: 4

Stability: 5
Health: 8


Ryan Hastings

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